Dance_Cube-2389Class Placement and Scholarship Auditions for incoming Freshmen and Transfer Dance Majors planning to enter UMBC in Fall 2024 will be through an in-person audition at 11:00am on January 20, 2024. Prospective students will attend a class and then perform a solo in any genre of dance (not longer than 2 minutes).

Recommended audition attire: form fitted, no bare midriff, soft ballet shoes, socks, bare feet. Bring form fitted long sleeved top for possible floorwork.


You must apply for admission to UMBC prior to the audition.

You must register for the audition via here.  Applications for the audition should open on October 2, 2023.

The audition is for scholarships and class placement levels. All applicants will automatically be considered for a Fine Arts Dance Award (open to incoming freshmen and transfer students). Students interested in being considered for the prestigious Linehan Artist Scholars Program, open to incoming freshmen only, must also apply to the Linehan Artist Scholars Program.

To become a dance major at UMBC, entering students declare their intention to major in Dance and must pass a “gateway” course (Intermediate Contemporary Dance Techniques II) with a B or better. Students with extensive backgrounds in dance frequently complete this course during their first year at UMBC. Students who do not have a strong background in dance must complete preparatory courses as prerequisites to the “gateway” course.

For further questions, please contact the dance department.