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B.A in Dance

The Bachelor of Arts degree program prepares future dancers, choreographers, educators and scholars, through a core curriculum that includes traditional and experimental techniques, creative exploration, historical and aesthetic context, technology, and production skills. Students may pursue elective study in a number of disciplines and related subject matter.

The department offers a variety of approaches to performance and choreography and gives students opportunities to experience them through participation in faculty research, and through the Artist-in-Residence program, which brings nationally and internationally recognized dance artists of significance, to UMBC for a full semester each year. Students have the opportunity to work intensively with these artists and to learn about different methods of choreography and new techniques.


Major Requirements

The requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Dance include a minimum of 58 credits. A grade of “C” is the minimum acceptable for credit toward the major, with the exception of the Gateway Course, DANC 320 Intermediate Contemporary Dance Technique II, which requires a minimum grade of “B”.

Students entering the program with little or no dance training are required to complete preparatory courses in addition to major requirements. Students entering the program with a high level of dance training may be placed on the Accelerated Pathway to the B.A.

Dance Techniques (minimum 20 credits)

A minimum of 12 credits in modern dance technique, which must include the following courses:

DANC 310 – Intermediate Contemporary Dance Technique I (3.00)
DANC 320 – Intermediate Contemporary Dance Technique II (3.00)
DANC 410 – Advanced Contemporary Dance Technique I (3.00)
DANC 420 – Advanced Contemporary Dance Technique II (3.00)

A minimum of 8 credits in ballet technique (including repeatable courses) from the following:

DANC 216 – Ballet II–Intermediate Ballet (3.00)
DANC 316 – Ballet III – High Intermediate Ballet (2.00)
Note: Students entering the program at a higher level of ballet may apply DANC 416 – Ballet IV – Advanced Ballet (2.00) to this requirement.

Choreographic Process (10 credits)

DANC 230 – Improvisation (3.00)
DANC 290 – Independent Projects in Choreography (1.00)
DANC 330 – Dance Composition I (3.00)
DANC 331 – Dance Composition II (3.00)

Performance (5 credits)

DANC 350 – Dance Workshop (2.00)
DANC 450 – Repertory (3.00)

Dance History (6 credits)

DANC 201 – Dance History I: Cultural and Classical Forms (3.00)
DANC 202 – Dance History II: Contemporary Forms (3.00)

Dance and Related Disciplines (11 credits)

DANC 240 – Music for Dance (2.00)
DANC 315 – Beyond Technique: The Body and Motion (3.00)
DANC 325 – Dance and the Contemporary Arts (3.00)
DANC 340 – Dance and Technology (3.00)

Technical Theater

DANC 399 – Dance Practicum (3.00)

Capstone Experience (3 credits)

DANC 475 – Senior Projects in Dance (3.00)


For course descriptions, go to the UMBC Catalog.