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Ryan Bailey's new dance company performs May 5, 2017

Stunning choreography by recent UMBC graduate

May 3, 2017 11:51 AM
THIS IS MOMENTARY - Pacing Bodies Dance Company

The Dance Department celebrates UMBC's 50th anniversary with a full performance debut of Pacing Bodies Dance Company, recent graduate Ryan Bailey's new company.  Newly formed in late 2016 under the direction and choreography of Ryan Bailey, Pacing Bodies is a contemporary dance company based in Baltimore, Maryland. Pacing Bodies dancers have worked closely and collaboratively with Bailey for the past few years, adapting to his intricately designed choreography. Though particularly filled with small initiations of movement motivation, Pacing Bodies intertwines athleticism and technique unique to Bailey’s style: a gateway to a deeper connection with emotion through powerful yet subtle movement and gesture. Pacing Bodies will perform perform in the Young Choreographer’s showcase festival in June in New York City.

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